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Published on August 17th, 2013 | by Henri


House-wrap seals gaps in siding on old farmhouse

Q.     In a recent column you talk about using Benjamin Obdyke Home Slicker with Typar.  We recently purchased an 1820 farmhouse and plan to put in new windows, plus new pre-primed cedar clapboards. We will use the Home Slicker with Typar. Our question concerns the following: The house is built with vertical planks, two to three inches thick, which are essentially slabs of wide trees. There are gaps between the planks, as they are irregular in shape.   Do you suggest that we cover these planks with plywood before using the Home Slicker?

A.    No need to do so. The Typar will seal those gaps against wind infiltration, and the Home Slicker will provide a drain plane for any moisture that may get behind the clapboards to weep out. It will also allow the back of the siding to dry. Just be sure that you also order and use the insect screen (Benjamin Obdyke sells it) at the top and bottom of the walls to keep bugs out. Follow the specifications for proper installation.

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