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Published on September 5th, 2013 | by Henri


Improving insulation in walls while re-siding

Q.    I want to increase the insulating value of our siding on our Cape Cod home. Another feature would be to gain extra sound proofing. Right now, we have regular vinyl siding — but not all continuous lengths.

I am thinking of removing the present siding then covering the house with some of that “pink” material to get added insulating value. Then cover with a heavier vinyl siding with foam backing. In addition to the above, should I add a vapor barrier? Any other suggestions, for example, caulking?

A.    What you plan on doing will definitely accomplish your goals — 1-inch extruded polystyrene (blue or pink) is the best thickness to use, combining efficiency and practicality for the siding installation.

However, you do not want to install a vapor retarder on the cold side of an exterior wall in climates where the heating season is greater than the air-conditioning season (in the deep south, vapor retarders should be installed on the outside – the warmer side – of exterior walls.)
No caulking is necessary; properly installed vinyl siding trim pieces will take care of draining water.

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