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Ridding a house of cat odors

Q.    We are thinking of purchasing a house that has that awful odor. They have a “cattery” (showcats) in the basement, and the smell seems to permeate throughout the house — we were lucky enough to be there in all of this rainy weather to smell it at its worst.

They will repaint, amongst other things, saying that they can get rid of the smell. Our thinking is that once a house smells like cats, it is very hard, if not impossible to get rid of the odor. The paint and cleaners will mask it for some time, but after awhile the smell will come right back. Are we right, or is there really a way to get rid of cat urine odor? Thanks for your help.

A.    I think you are right: painting is unlikely to take care of the smell permanently. I had such an experience once when tenants who were not supposed to have pets did so anyway. I had to throw the carpeting away, sand the floors and wash them several times with Pinesol and Clorox bleach.

That was before the existence of Nok-Out, a product I have mentioned many times because it is so effective. As an example, a skunk had set up a cozy home under a porch and its pungent odor made the rooms next to the porch uninhabitable. A gallon of Nok-Out sprayed under the porch and in the affected rooms took care of the smell. You can order it online at www.nokout.com.

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