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Published on September 18th, 2013 | by Henri


Re-staining a house

Q.    I read your blog and would like some advice on staining my house. I am staining the outside of my house and I don’t know what kind of stain was used. I don’t know if it was oil-base or latex but it is all peeling off. I would like to use latex stain. I am pressure-washing and scraping all the loose stain.

A.    If the stain is peeling, it must be a solid-color stain or paint. Semi-transparent stains penetrate and do not peel. Since you are only removing the peeling coating, you won’t be able to use a semi-transparent stain as it won’t match the existing still on. You can use latex stains over oil-base stains as long as the oil-base stain or paint is not chalking. Run your hand on it to find out; if you get a residue, it’s oil. Power-washing should get rid of any chalking.

If you are removing all of the existing coating, you’re free to choose what you want. Since you have not told me what kind of siding you have, it’s difficult to suggest what is the right stain to use.

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