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Garage windows fog up and remain damp

Q.    Nearly every time it rains, the windows on our garage get fogged up and the inside feels damp. I assume that happens because of  humidity. I want to be able to store things inside this building but I am worried about mold. What can I do to prevent this fog-up in the future?

A.    It sounds as if the condensation on the garage windows is occurring because the rain lowers the outside temperature, which cools the glass, and the humidity in the garage is so high. And like most garage windows, they are probably single-glazed.

Garages are quite humid, particularly if they have a dirt floor or concrete that was poured directly on soil. Cars also bring in moisture.

This is not a good situation for storing anything that can be affected by humidity. Your garage may need ventilation in the form of gable vents or soffit and ridge vents.

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