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Published on September 29th, 2013 | by Henri


Mold is difficult to remove from drywall

Q.    We had a leak in our roof which caused two small spots of mold to appear on the ceiling of our mudroom. Our roofer has fixed the leak issue. We will be replacing the insulation that got wet but wondered what to do about the drywall. The roofer told me he can spray both sides of the drywall with a bleach spray to kill any mold and then repaint the ceiling. Does this make sense or should a piece of the drywall be completely replaced?

A.    Drywall is inexpensive to buy. Don’t take a chance. Mold cannot be easily removed from soft materials, such as gyp board, if the mold has been there for a while and has penetrated the material. Bleach treatment is more successful on hard materials like concrete.

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