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Removing shiny gloss finish from slate floor

Q.   Over time, the Tech Super Gloss I used on the slates of my kitchen floor has built up. Where I stand near the counter, the build-up is gone and I would like the rest of the floor to look as it once did before the build-up of the gloss.

A. To remove the shiny Tech Super Gloss finish on the slates, the best way is to use the remover offered by the manufacturer of the sealer; in this case I believe the product you used is from Home Depot. They should have the appropriate remover. Or a tile store can offer you a choice of several removers that you should try first in inconspicuous places before doing the entire floor.

You should apply a sealer to the slates and joints to prevent the penetration of stains from anything dropped on the floor. The best type to use is a penetrating sealer that will protect without giving you a shiny gloss finish.

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