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Ants in the cellar ceiling

Q.    I just discovered evidence that ants have been in the wood in the cellar ceiling area just above the cellar cement walls, where the floor joists show. Does that makes sense? There is some sawdust around indicating they were there. I found only one dead ant. Now, do I need to call someone (and who would that be) to look at this? Or clean up the area and see if this happens again?

A.    The ants are most likely carpenter ants. And, yes, you should have a local, independent pest management professional take care of the infestation. After several unfortunate experiences some of my readers have related to me concerning franchised pest control organizations, I only recommend calling on well-established local, independent and family-owned services.

Carpenter ants can do considerable damage to a wood structure as they dig up moist wood to establish a new colony. So you not only need to get rid of them, but you should also find out why the wood is moist and have that condition taken care of, or another colony of ants will return next season

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