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Sealing a cracked concrete fountain

Q.    I have a concrete fountain, approximately 24 inches in diameter, which has several cracks and will not hold water. What product can I use to seal the fountain, so that it will hold water.

A.    The easiest fix is to find a polyurethane caulking, available at a masonry supply house. My favorite is Sikaflex 1-a, which I have used for over 50 years. It comes in several colors, including one that very much resembles concrete. It can also be painted after it has cured. You did not mention where you live but you may find an A.H. Harris store near you; they carry either Sikaflex. You can find the store closest to you on their Web site:

It is absolutely essential that you clean and dry the fountain and, once you have applied the caulking to the cracks, that you let it air-cure for a minimum of seven days, so be sure that you cover it to keep it dry but in such a way as to allow for ventilation. Once properly cured, polyurethane caulking can be immersed in water.

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