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Published on November 4th, 2013 | by Henri


Removing mildew from vinyl siding

Q.    I need to know if I can get mildew off of my white vinyl siding. We are pressure-washing it using a solution of mild soap and Clorox, then rinsing it with more water. I realize the Clorox is not good for the siding but the mild soap does not work. We are doing it sections at a time as the house is large. It is not that successful and I was hoping that you have a better solution. It is time consuming as well.

A.    The best way to remove mildew — and other pollutants that are sure to be present as well — from your siding is to wash the siding with a solution of 1-cup TSPPF, 1-quart fresh Clorox bleach and 3-quarts water. Keep the proportions the same if you need more than a gallon of the mix. Be sure to cover all vegetation with plastic after soaking it thoroughly. Rinse the siding and soak the vegetation again when you are done. Instead of pressure-washing the siding, try using a car-washing brush that is screwed onto a garden hose; its soft bristles are ideal for cleaning vinyl siding.

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