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Insulating the attic of an older house

Q.    I live in western Pennsylvania where the winters can become very cold. My house, which is just over 60 years old, has little or no insulation in the third-floor attic.

I have replaced all 29 windows with modern, double-pane units, so that is not the problem. I believe the attic is a good place to add some insulation, and I would like your opinion on how to do the job correctly. I do not want to finish the attic, just insulate it. The attic floor is tongue-and-groove hardwood and there appears to be six inches of space below the floor boards.

There is no ceiling vent in the attic and it becomes very hot in the summer. I recently added soffit and fascia to the house. Attached are a few photos of the house and attic that should help you understand the project

A.    The best way to insulate the attic is to have a contractor blow in cellulose under the floor boards. Since you have awnings protecting the attic’s windows, as shown by your photos, you can lower the upper sashes (if they are movable) to allow some ventilation on hot days.

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