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Published on November 10th, 2013 | by Henri


Mold around window frames caused by air infiltration

Q.    My daughter just told me that when we had new windows put in a year ago, there was mold surrounding the inside of the wood frames in her bedroom. She mentioned it to the installers but they said “that’s OK” and they went ahead with the installation. I am wondering what, if any, effect this may have on the new windows.

A.    It sounds as if there was air leakage around the old windows resulting in condensation and mold. If the installers did what they are supposed to do: apply low-expansion foam in the spaces between the windows and the rough framing, you should no longer have the problem.

However, if they didn’t, the same thing can happen again, but that doesn’t mean that this will cause a serious problem over time. Your old windows had been there a long time and the frames were still OK from what I gather, except for some mold or mildew discoloration. Let’s hope for the best: that the installers foamed the spaces to stop air infiltration — a great source of energy loss and discomfort.

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