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Engineered flooring for kitchen?

Q.    I need to replace the flooring in my kitchen and dining room area. What do you think of the laminates that simulate wood versus real wood versus engineered wood?  I would appreciate any advice you can share.

A.    Wood laminates such as Pergo are very popular but cannot be refinished if they’re damaged, as the laminate is either very thin or only photographed on a wood base. Engineered flooring is made of thin, real wood adhered to a wood core.

They come in two types: A floating floor that is laid over a foam pad, and individual pieces that are either glued or nailed to the subfloor and which can be refinished to a certain extent. Real wood is much thicker and solid throughout.

Of concern in a kitchen is that the additional thickness could affect the dishwasher and any other appliance set under counter tops, locking them in and making replacement a more difficult job (the counter tops may have to be removed).

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