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Published on November 28th, 2013 | by Henri


Stain flaking off of concrete walkway

Q.     Last  summer I had a new concrete driveway installed. Shortly after it was installed, a gentleman that does miscellaneous work around my house decided to stain my walkway with a gray water-base stain in an attempt to match my new driveway.

Over the winter, portions of the stain flaked from the walk and it now looks terrible. This summer I started to power-wash the walk in order to remove the remaining stain. I have not been too successful. Can you advise me of a product that will assist in loosening the stain for power washing?

A.    The success in removing the remaining stain depends largely on how the stain was applied. A stain that flakes off, as yours does, seems to indicate that the surface was not well prepared or that the stain was applied too thick – perhaps with a roller instead of a brush. Or the walkway’s surface is not porous.

You could try one of the environmentally safe citrus strippers available in paint stores. A wire brush may also be needed.

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