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Published on December 11th, 2013 | by Henri


Insurance company says to remove moss from shed roof

Q.    The insurance company said we have to get the moss off our shed roof by this coming October. She said to use a power washer. I remember you said not to use a power wash on shingles. We removed a lot of trees from around the shed. Could you please tell me an easy do-it-yourself method? It looks black and light green to me.

A.    I wonder why the insurance representative told you to remove the moss from your shed roof. I can’t see any reason for doing so. Power-washing roof shingles is not advisable; the pressure is very likely to damage the shingles. It will certainly take off the mineral granules, which protect the shingles from UV rays.

When you say black and green, are you seeing a discoloration of the shingles such as is caused by algae? That’s a different story. Moss shows as a soft growth that can easily be picked off by hand or brushed off with a floor-sweeping broom, so it would seem that if its removal is required, it should be simple enough to do so without having to walk on the roof (unless the shed is very large).

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