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Published on December 24th, 2013 | by Henri


Removing mildew from cedar siding

Q.    We have been using an Olympic stain on our cedar siding for about 15 years but not in the last few years. A significant mold has developed on the north-facing side of the house and garage. We need advice as to how to get rid of the mold without killing the extensive foundation plantings we have.

A.    The way to remove mildew is by means of washing the siding with a solution made of one quart fresh Clorox bleach and three quarts water (if you need more than a gallon, respect these proportions).

If the siding is also compromised by other pollutants, add a cup of TSPPF to the solution. The application of the solution is best done with a pressure-washer, but it is obvious that this is not possible in your case.

The alternative is to soak the plantings and cover them with plastic sheeting, and to wash the siding by hand, using a stiff-bristle brush, and wearing heavy rubber gloves and expendable old clothing (or buy a Tyvek suit). Avoid splashing as much as you can. Do not rinse the siding unless you have added TSPPF to the mix (in that case, rinse the siding with your garden hose and flood the plantings and the soil to dilute the solution – TSPPF is injurious to plants).

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