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Frost on patio door

Q.    I installed a new Marvin French patio door in late summer. This is their Ultrex product with wood on the interior. In the fall, I began experiencing condensation on the outside of the stationary panel first thing in the morning. Doesn’t seem to be an issue with the operating side.

I have contacted Marvin customer service and was told this is not a defect but simply a result of the climate change from summer to fall and it should go away when the real cold weather arrives. I would appreciate your opinion on this issue.

A.    As cooler fall weather arrives, it is common to experience condensation on the outside of insulated glass in the morning because the air is very humid. Later on–as you have probably noticed by now — the much colder air of winter is drier and the glass is warmed by the heat in the house. This prevents condensation. You do not see it on the operating panel because you may have the screen in front of it — it provides some insulation.

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