Published on January 26th, 2014 | by Henri


Smell emanates from new bathroom sink

Q.    Last summer, we renovated our bathroom and had two new sinks installed as part of the work. Lately, there is an awful smell when using one of the sinks. The stopper and trap are both clean. Do you have any suggestions for eliminating the smell?

A.    If the two sinks are made of imitation marble or another plastic substance, it is possible that the chemicals in one of them is outgassing, but it would seem that this would have happened earlier.

Perhaps bacteria have developed in the overflow. Put fresh Clorox bleach in a spray bottle and spray it generously in the overflow opening. If that does not do it, take the stopper out and stuff a rag in the waste pipe to block the end of the overflow. Pour Clorox bleach in the overflow until it is filled and wait until it drains through the rag. Be sure to wear heavy-duty rubber gloves and dispose of the rag when done.

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