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Published on February 16th, 2014 | by Henri


Painting a radiator

Q.    We have cast-iron radiators that are 45 years old. We have never painted them and they all look fine except for the one in the kitchen. We replaced our humidifier a few years ago and the new one which sets in front of the kitchen radiator must vent onto the radiator because we have a 2-foot area in the front of the radiator that is rusted and it looks terrible.

What can I use to remove the rust or should we just paint the radiator? What type of paint should we use? Someone told me metallic paints shouldn’t be used.  I hope you can help me soon, I want to take care of this eyesore before the holidays.

A.    Use a steel brush or steel wool to remove most of the rust (it only needs to be completely removed if you decide not to paint it). Paint the radiator with any good quality paint, the darker the better, although there is not too much difference in performance between any of the dark spectrum colors. Do not use metallic paints, as you were correctly advised. Very light colored paints will diminish the heat output of the radiator.

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