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Published on April 18th, 2014 | by Henri


Loud creaking noise when furnace blower comes on

Q.  I own a 28-year-old split level in New Jersey that has forced hot air heat (natural gas) and central A/C. For the last several heating seasons, when the furnace blower turns on to circulate the warm air, there is a horrible (and getting louder) creaking noise coming from a register.

I think it is because the supply runs, which are all metal, expand and the creaking begins. After a few minutes, when the supply ducts get warm, the creaking stops. It does not creak when the ducts cool off. It seems to happen when the heat turns on after a setback period which is about 30 minutes before I get out of bed!

The noise is in a duct that is in the ceiling above my family room that heats an upstairs bedroom. Is there any way short of ripping down the ceiling to secure the duct and keep the noise from happening?

A.    The creaking may be due to the offending supply duct being restrained by a fastener or oil-canning as it heats. You may want to call a warm-air heating contractor to investigate and offer a solution. You may not need to cut the ceiling open if the restraint is close to the register.

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