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Cleaning greasy wood cabinets

Q.  We have just moved into what we hope to be our dream house. Now that we are in it and getting to know it and get comfortable in it, I just noticed that our kitchen cabinets are somewhat greasy to the touch. I have tried regular household cleaners without much luck, and I am concerned that using harsher measures might hurt the beautiful natural wood finish.
Do you have any suggestions? It would be so appreciated.

A.     The best wood cleaner I know is Milsek. I was put onto Milsek by a Pennsylvania reader of my syndicated newspaper column years ago. I got some and tried it; it is simply amazing how well it cleans and polishes furniture. Of the various Milsek products, use Milsek Furniture Polish with lemon or orange oils for this purpose. Besides cleaning, iIt also leaves a protective coating on the wood.

After mentioning it in my column, many readers have written back to tell me what a miracle product it is. I have even received an enthusiastic endorsement of Milsek from a woman who is a professional house cleaner; she uses Milsek on shower doors to remove soap scum.

Visit Milsek’s website, to order or to check the list of stores in your area that sell Milsek.

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