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Persistent problem with mice

Q.    We are homeowners and seem to always have trouble with mice, and I am scared to death of the rodents. I can pick up any bug or worm with no problem but the thought of those sneaky little rodents running around terrifies me tremendously. Thank God for my husband who doesn’t have the same phobia as I and sets traps whenever I think they’re around. But why do they continue to come in our house and where do they come in at?

One day outside I actually saw one go down a little hole along side the foundation and imagined that was how they came in (a crack somewhere underneath?). We had the driveway redone flat alongside the foundation and I thought this would eliminate their entrance. But just the other night came the scratching in my attic (that keeps me up all night) so I knew they (when it’s one, it’s six of them) were back again.

My husband reset the traps in the basement, under our dishwasher, on the enclosed front porch, etc. and the very next day one was caught. There is never just one so I’m sure he’ll catch others. They seem to start in the attic and eventually move to the basement. I imagine they climb the inside walls to the attic following the previous rodent’s trail. What are they scratching so furiously at?

Don’t suggest I go in the attic. I’ve lived in the house over 20 years and never have and never will – what if I see a mouse? I’ll die!! What is a mouse-phobic to do?  Please give me some suggestions so I can get a good night’s sleep. Thank you.

P.S.  I don’t like cats either so that’s not an option. Should I just hire an exterminator to come and check things out?  If I have to spend the money, I guess I will.

A.    Mice are seeking comfy homes for the winter; can you blame them? I do understand your dislike for them, and I think you know that they are potential disease carriers. They can also chew on wiring and cause fires.

In your case, given your fears,  it is probably best to call in a local, independent pest-management professional. He or she should be experienced in finding where they come in and seal their entrance holes, as they don’t need to be big. Search the Web or the Yellow Pages under “Pest Control Services” and see if you can find a family-owned firm (I prefer them over national franchises) that advertises mice control – most do.

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