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Ice dams on roof of heated garage

Q.    I have a problem with ice damming on my garage roof. I use a heater during the winter in the garage. The snow melts and ends up in the gutters, and at night freezes and ice forms in the gutters.

The roof in the garage is not insulated. Any suggestions other than shoveling the roof when it snows, to getting on a ladder and trying to remove it manually? Install heating cables? Insulate the attic? Thank you.

A.    If you are putting your cars in the garage, be aware that heating the garage activates the salt that accumulates on them during the winter, and it encourages rust formation — so it’s best to keep garages unheated. However, if you use the garage as, say, a shop, then you should treat it as a lived-in space and insulate the roof. Insulating the walls exposed to the outside as well would save you a lot of energy.

I would not recommend getting on the roof to shovel the snow or using a roof rake from the ground for the purpose; besides the personal risk of injury, it is not good for the shingles. Heat cables have some use but would not solve your problem.

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