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Published on June 12th, 2014 | by Henri


Re-siding a house with either aluminum or vinyl

Q.    My wife and I plan to re-side our 50-year-old house. It currently has wooden shakes and we are considering either aluminum or vinyl siding to remove the need for painting. What type of siding would you recommend?

In your recommendation, could you identify the desired features of the siding and address such concerns as temperature variation, wind, repair and maintenance. How would I avoid damaging either type when an extension ladder is placed against the siding?

Since my wife has seen and likes the shingle-type vinyl siding, I wonder if that pattern also comes in aluminum.

A.    Either aluminum or vinyl is fine. The popularity of each is often regional. Vinyl is better in an industrial area but it can break and crack if struck during freezing temperatures. It expands and contracts less than aluminum with temperature changes. If properly installed, wind should not be a factor with either siding.

You will have more choices of patterns with vinyl than you will with aluminum. And do not lean ladders against either, as it will damage them. You should seriously consider installing 1-inch- thick extruded polystyrene rigid insulation (XPS) under either siding on a smooth sheathing. This is your best chance to increase the R-factor of your walls.

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