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Cleaning and re-treating cedar clapboards

Q.  The cedar clapboards on our house were installed about 23 years ago. A year or two after they were put up, a bleaching agent was applied to help maintain the color. I have no idea what product was used. The south-facing clapboards have become quite dark.

I am wondering if another coat of something should be applied to keep the clapboards from drying out and cracking. If so, what should I use, and how is it applied? If it is sprayed on, do I need to protect the plantings at the base of the house? Do I need to protect the windows which are vinyl-clad?

A.    If the clapboards have not received any new treatment for the last 20 years or so, it is a good idea to do so this coming warm season. Buy Oxy-Boost and Deck & Patio Cleaner from www.ecogeeks.com. Mix them in equal parts in warm water and wash the siding with a stiff brush. Rinse with a garden hose when done.

Before spraying the solution on, you should soak the plantings and cover them with plastic.

Hose the plastic off, remove it, and soak the plantings again. Once the siding has thoroughly dried, apply Amteco TWP Series 101 Cedartone Natural or Series 1500 Low Voc Cedar, slightly darker and less orangy than 101 Cedartone. Considering how long it has been since you applied a wood preservative on the clapboards, they might need two coats. You can apply Amteco by brush or by spraying it on. Be sure to follow the directions on the Amteco container for either brushing or spraying.

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