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Water from driveway leaks into basement

Q.    I have a cement driveway that is sloping toward the house. I moved the basement steps, used Waterplug, and troweled 2 inches of cement on the block wall. I also put up a cement curb next to the house outside but the basement still leaks. Do I have to tear up part of the driveway and re-taper it?

A.    If it is definitively ascertained that the leakage is taking place at the joint of the driveway and the house foundation, you may be able to have a concrete contractor or a mason apply a vinyl-reinforced cement topping to the existing driveway to reset the slope for a short distance from the house, just enough to keep the water away from the foundation. He or she should know how to clean and prepare the existing concrete driveway for the patch to stick to it.

You can determine yourself if the leakage is occurring at that joint from surface water by running a garden hose on the driveway toward the joint between the driveway and the foundation.

If this test does not result in leakage, the water is coming from somewhere else — perhaps from underground — and that is much harder to take care of. In that case, the simplest solution is to let it happen and control it from the basement by installing a fiberglass gutter system that is glued to the concrete floor against the foundation wall. It collects the water and leads it to a sump pump.

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