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Published on July 31st, 2014 | by Henri


Windows painted shut

Q.   Help! We had a painter paint the outside wooden frames of our windows. Now we find that the windows are painted shut. What can we do to correct this? We need a solution, if we are to take care of this ourselves (we are in our 80s).

A.   You should insist that the painter come back and free the windows for you. He or she does not seem very professional or experienced to leave you with this problem. People your age should not have to climb ladders and unstick windows!

However, if you can’t get the careless painter to take care of freeing the windows, you can buy a special tool for the purpose in hardware stores; it has a handle and a thin serrated blade with sharp teeth and two sharp points.

The blade is worked between the window frame and the sash and is either drawn and/or wiggled (whichever is appropriate) down the length of the sash. This cuts the paint bond out.

If you are not physically able to do the job, hire some local high school or college youngster to do it for you; it’s quite strenuous.

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