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Cleaning and renewing a redwood deck

Q.    What is your recommendation for cleaning and removing mold from a redwood deck? Some of the deck boards have been down since 1963 when people were still using redwood, then picked up and relayed along with additional redwood deck boards in 1976 when the deck was enlarged in 1976. Environmental issues are of particular concern due to proximity to the lake.

A.    Redwood as well as other softwoods should not be pressure washed, as this would damage the wood.

The best way to clean any decking material of mildew and any other pollutants is to scrub it with a mixture of equal parts Oxy-Boost and Deck & Patio Cleaner from EcoGeeks, www.ecogeeks.com. Follow directions on the containers. EcoGeeks products do not contain chlorine and are environmentally safe.

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