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Rotten wood under addition causes odors

Q. We have a three-season room attached to our house that has had a smell for some time. We are in the process of putting in new windows and trying to find the source of the smell. We tore down the wall under the window down to the floor and found several areas of rotten wood. We have treated these areas for mold and the wood will be replaced when the windows are put in.

The smell is still present and we hope that it will go away when the wood is replaced. But we still wonder; if that does not solve the problem, where do we go to get rid of it?

A.    The smell is likely to disappear when all the rotten wood is removed and replaced with new wood. But to be sure, you may want to get Nok-Out: www.nokout.com, and spray the affected areas with it.

Nok-Out is a clear liquid that is very effective at killing all odors. It is not an odor-hiding product, as many deodorizers are, but an eliminator. It is used in all types of applications, including morgues and abattoirs. We have used it several times with great success, so I recommend it in most cases involving stubborn odors.

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