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Published on September 14th, 2014 | by Henri


Using a humidifier with a wood stove

Q.    We supplement the heating of our home with a wood-burning stove. To counter the excessive dryness in the house we use a humidifier. My husband places the humidifier next to the stove, with the moist air blowing at the stove.  His theory being the fan in the humidifier will now be circulating warm, moist air.  I contend that the moisture evaporates when it hits the stove. Your comments would be appreciated.

A.    You’re both right. The stove’s heated air absorbs the moisture, the warm air rises to the ceiling, and the fan from the humidifier helps create an air movement that mixes everything. Since moisture seeks its own level, it all evens out in the end, and the relative humidity in the house is increased to provide greater comfort. Even if the humidifier were not aimed at the stove, the moisture it releases in the air will be absorbed.

The only suggestion I have is that the fan should not blow the humidified air at the air intake of the stove, as that would result in its being sucked into the stove where it will be exhausted through the stove pipe to the outside.

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