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Insulating rooms over the garage

Q.  I have two bedrooms over an unheated two-car garage with finished ceiling and 2-inch foil-backed insulation (house built in 1968). I would like to add more insulation since the rooms are cold, but have been told that insulation cannot be blown in over the existing insulation because the blown-in material will “stick” and not fill the void. Others have said that should not be a problem and to go ahead with the job. Who is right?

A.  The rooms above are cold because the joist cavities of the garage ceiling are most likely empty. Insulating the garage ceiling with 2-inch thick rigid insulation did nothing for the rooms above; it only insulated the garage.

There should be no reason why you can’t have cellulose blown into the joist cavities. Select an experienced insulation contractor who will blow in the cellulose carefully to ensure that the entire cavities are filled and make the necessary patch up repairs once the job is done.

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