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Eliminating the odor of wood smoke

Q.    Three weeks ago we had a problem with our wood furnace and the cellar was completely engulfed with very strong smoke. We have tried many products to try and get the smell out of the cellar but to no avail. Can you suggest something we can use to eliminate the pungent smell of smoke?

A.    Wood smoke, like cigarette smoke, is very hard to get rid of. It penetrates all porous surfaces. You will have to wash all accessible surfaces with a detergent. If you have a warm air heating system, you may also have to have the ducts cleaned by a specialist.

Once this is done, try using Nok-Out in one of their foggers. You can order it online at www.nokout.com. It’s a very effective odor killer, which I have used a number of times and often recommend for these difficult situations.

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