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Grease and grime on kitchen cabinets

Q.  About 35 years ago, we had kitchen cabinets installed (all-wood, dark oak). Over the years, they have retained a certain amount of grease and grime. I’ve tried various degreasers with not much success.

The finish is still good. Is there anything that would really be effective in removing the build-up and restore their appearance without ruining the finish? Your help would be greatly appreciated as I am not in a position to reface or replace them.

A.  Try Milsek Furniture Polish. As regular readers of this blog and of my syndicated newspaper column know, I have recommended Milsek often over the years, and to the best of my knowledge nothing else works as well to clean and polish furniture and many other items. Many of my readers have written back to say how much they loved the products, which has solved so many of their problems. We use it regularly to dust, clean and protect our furniture.

If you don’t find Milsek in a local store (I buy it myself in my local Ace Hardware store), check their site at The site lists stores where you may purchase it, but if none are nearby, you can also order on-line.

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