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Caulking the bottom plate of walls

Q.    I think our house leaks – both cold air in and warm air out — at the area where the structure and siding sit on the concrete slab (no basement). I believe there is nothing to seal the exchange of air at the 200 feet of this contact. Is there a product like a putty to build up an insulation barrier? I realize I would have to work with my head on the ground to install whatever product is recommended.

A.    It does sound as if there is no sill sealer under the bottom plate of the walls. You can try to caulk the perimeter from outside, but it may be a lot easier to caulk the joint between the concrete slab and the wall plates from inside, if you have access to it.

Use polyurethane caulking, which you can buy in construction specialty houses like A.H. Harris:

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