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Published on January 21st, 2015 | by Henri


Painting cedar-shingle siding

Q.  I need a lot of painting tips: I’m preparing to paint the exterior of my 95 year old cedar-shingle house and am not sure if the best way to go is with latex paint or stain for the best adherence and durability, and if the entire surface should be washed first before scraping.

Since its been twenty five years since the last paint job, but still good on north and east sides, should the entire house be primed or just where bare spots?

Also, to eliminate air migration, should I caulk the vertical spaces between the shingles and window trim or let it stay clear for drying?
Is there any additive that could be added to an exterior latex paint that would increase its gloss quality? Thanks.

A.  If the north and east sides are still good, and you know whether paint or stain was used, you should use the same coating to make sure everything matches.

It is best to powerwash the entire siding to remove all pollutants; this would also remove any poorly adhering coating. Some scraping may be needed.

If you decide on staining, there is no need to prime any of the surfaces. But if you choose to paint, you should apply an alkyd primer to the bare areas before applying a latex final coat.  Apply a new coat to the cleaned shingles over the good north and east sides so everything will match.

Choose a high gloss exterior latex to achieve the shiny look you want.

Do not caulk the spaces between the shingles; let the shingles breathe and expand and contract with the seasons.

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