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Hard water causes multiple problems

Q.  I have very difficult calcium rings in my three toilet bowls. My glass shower doors have stains on them. The inside of my dishwasher is stainless steel and has the same problem — it’s covered with a white powder surface after the dishes are dried. Even my drinking glasses have to be rewashed by hand since they turn milky. No matter how much I wash and scrub, the problem is still there.

In your column you have mentioned muriatic acid, but I looked it up and frankly I am afraid to use it since it could be very dangerous to use. Can you please suggest something less dangerous that will take care of this lime scale problem?

A.  Of the problems you list, muriatic acid would be appropriate only for the removal of calcium rings in toilets, and that must be done by very carefully pouring a cup of the acid in the bowls and letting it stand for a couple hours before brushing the rings and flushing the toilet.

But you can also remove the calcium rings in the toilets with one of the toilet cleaners available in the cleaning aisle of your supermarket. Your shower doors, glasses and dishwasher can be cleaned with white vinegar or a lemon-based cleaner. Adding vinegar to each dishwasher load should also help to overcome the scaling on your dishes.

But it sounds as if you need to have your water tested and a conditioning system installed to take care of the variety of problems. To find firms doing this work in your area, check your Yellow Pages or the Internet under a heading such as “Water Softening & Conditioning Equipment, Service & Supplies.”

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