Published on February 6th, 2015 | by Henri


Refinishing a floor with Milsek

I always appreciate hearing from readers about their experiences with various products. The following is from a reader in Vermont:

“Some years ago I was introduced to Milsek from your column. It has done all that I expected and friends have been wowed also. In respect of a query to you regarding “cleaning wood floors,” I thought you might like to be told of my recent discovery. I have hardwood floors, the dining room and entrance hall were beginning to look very spotty and grimy after 30 years of wear. No help from professional other than a suggestion to re-sand.

“Downheartedly I suddenly thought of Milsek, with a ‘what can I lose’ attitude. Using a barely damp cloth I cleaned and polished dry as I went along. The result was fantastic, the spots are gone, many scratches also and the shine is beautiful without any slippage at all. Hard work, yes, but certainly worth it. Thank you for putting me onto that product.”

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