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Use of a humidifier when heating with wood

Q.  We supplement the heating of our home with a wood-burning stove. To counter the excessive dryness in the house we use a humidifier. My husband places the humidifier next to the stove, with the moist air blowing at the stove.

His theory is that the fan in the humidifier will now be circulating warm, moist air.  I contend that the moisture evaporates when it hits the stove. Your comments would be appreciated.

A.  I love questions like yours, because I can truly say that you are both right. The humidifier blows the moist air toward the stove and is carried with the rising hot air, now humidified, throughout the room. The air from any humidifier is absorbed by the air, and you can say that it evaporates into the air, as long as the ambient air is not saturated – seldom the case in winter.

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