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Remedies for “flour beetles”

Q.  I enjoy your column and just recently found your book online and have purchased it for the very useful information you provide.

I know that you have mentioned it before, but I can’t recall the name of the product you recommended for the tiny dark flour beetles that appear in the kitchen. I would appreciate it if you would mention the product again in your blog, and also where it can be purchased.

A.  Thanks for your confidence; it is nice to hear back when the information is helpful.

I am not sure what you call flour beetles. If they are about ¼-inch long, they are probably larder beetles that show up in houses in May and June, seeking food stuff on which to deposit their eggs. They may also be brought in the house in bags of dry pet foods that contain mixtures of cereal and animal products.

The best form of control, if they are not too abundant, is to put a piece of cheese on a dish. They love cheese and will congregate on it in large numbers where you can catch them by dropping a large piece of plastic wrap over the dish. Put them in the freezer for a short time to kill them.

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