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Eliminating skunk odors

Q.  A skunk let go in our backyard and the odor is horrendous. We have tried a variety of deodorizers without success. Do you know of a treatment we can use that will be completely effective?

A. The most effective treatment I know of is Nok-Out, which, as regular readers know, I have found effective in treating a wide range of odors.

Some years ago, a skunk decided to set house under the porch of a house shared by several friends, including a relative. She called me in great distress, as the odor permeated her bedroom, which was next to the porch. I sent her a gallon of Nok-Out. She sprayed the entire area under the porch and the odor instantly vanished for good.

You can buy Nok-Out on the Web site www.nokout.com. At the time of this writing, you can save by ordering with the coupon on the right side of this page and using the coupon code HDM. Nok-Out is a complete deodorizer, used in many industrial and residential applications. I haven’t heard or experienced a single case of failure with it.

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