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Published on July 28th, 2015 | by Henri


Crawlspace vents should be kept closed

Q.  In a recent column you recommend closing the vent openings in a crawl space. I thought in the past you recommended to keep the vents open all year round. Ventilation is needed in the crawl space for health reasons. So what is the correct procedure: Close the crawl space foundation vent openings or leave them open all year round?

A.  If you read that crawlspace vents should remain open, it was not in one of my columns or blog posts. Ever since the 1970s I have recommended that crawlspaces not be vented, if the soil is thoroughly covered with plastic or other vapor retarder.

During that time, national research demonstrated that vented crawlspaces had far more problems than non-vented ones. But, again, the soil must be completely covered with a vapor retarder.

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