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Painting ceiling tiles

Q. I would like to know if I have to use a sealer to paint over a ceiling that has 9 X 9-inch ceiling tiles with a swirled texture. I do not know what the tiles are made of but the ceiling has been up for over 30 years and has never been painted before.

A.  The ceiling tiles have probably accumulated dust and other pollutants over 30 years. Vacuum them with the soft-brush attachment. If the tiles are dirty and spotty, you may want to clean them with Absorene Wall Cleaner, a non-toxic dry cleaner that works on ceiling tiles. If you don’t see it in a local hardware or home store, check www.absorene.com/. The site lists stores that carry it as well as filling orders on-line. Special ceiling tile paints are available and can be sprayed or rolled on with care. Check your local paint stores.

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