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Shutting down a house for winter

Q.    Our home in Vermont is well insulated and has vinyl siding. We would like to shut our heat off for four months between January and April. Would it ruin our drywall walls?

Our heat is gas, forced air, and our finished basement has a bathroom and gas stove. What would you suggest?

A.    You are taking a chance. Prolonged, very cold temperatures would eventually penetrate the house unless there is a source of heat. It is safer to simply lower your thermostat to 45 degree F. and arrange with a family member, trusted friend or neighbor to keep an eye on the house.

There are warning devices that would ring one or more telephone numbers if the temperature drops below the limit set on your thermostat. Such devices can be found at http://www.aplussupply.com/gent/floodfreezeprotector.html

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