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Published on October 8th, 2015 | by Henri


Fixing a loose fence post

Q.   A post that is part of my stockade fence is loose. When the wind blows the fence rocks back and forth and makes the post weaker. Can I fix this myself? I am a senior citizen and I don’t want to be cheated.

A.   If the post is in good condition – not rotted – you can buy QUIKRETE Fast-Setting Concrete or Sakrete Fence Post Concrete Mix in building supply, hardware, or home store. These stores may carry similar products under different brand names.

Follow instructions on the package. Some of these products only come in 50-pound bags – probably more than you need, and cement-based products do not keep well.

Be sure that you mix the dry ingredients in the bags thoroughly before using them, as they have a tendency to segregate when stored for a long time.

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