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Published on November 3rd, 2015 | by Henri


Odors from sump pump pit

Q.    We live in a raised ranch in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. The home has 2 sump pumps, one in the garage and one in the laundry room. The pump in the laundry room received very little water for several years, but since installing landscaping in the area, the amount of water has increased.

When the pit dries out in dry periods, there is a horrible stench which permeates the basement. Adding bleach to the pit helped stem the odor, but killed plants at the discharge point. A friend suggested adding septic treatment, (bacteria and enzymes) which helped the odor somewhat and didn’t hurt my plants, but needed to be added regularly and didn’t solve the problem.

Last summer, my son and I replaced the pump/PVC and cleaned out the pit with bleach, scrubbing the sides and bottom. We reset the pump in the gravel to minimize any standing water and felt we had solved the problem, but the smell came back a few months later, strong as ever.

I have layers of plastic sheeting over the pit cover, taped around the PVC, but the odor still comes through. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

A.  Try spraying the pit as needed with Nok-Out (www.nokout.com), a powerful odor eliminator.

I suggest you get a gallon, put some in a spray bottle to spray the walls of the pit, and pour some of the product into the pit when the smell returns.

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