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Published on November 12th, 2015 | by Henri


Repairing a foggy window

Q.    We had new windows installed in our Chicago area home 15 years ago. Last winter one window that faces West had moisture showing up in between the glass panes.

A local company, Apex Window Works, offers a process to repair this condition using a Micro Defogger Valve and Seal. The process is explained at this link : The cost is about $ 70-80. The window is a casement style vertical 16″ by 66″ glass size.

What do you think of this method and what other ways are there to correct the moisture issue?

A.    If the moisture is only showing as a mist, this Apex system may work in windows with and without hard Low-E coatings. But if the moisture problem is seen as water running down the glass, mineral deposits may have already etched the glass, so streaks may still show after the Apex process has been carried out. And if the windows have a soft Low-E coating, running water has most likely damaged it without recourse.

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