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Published on November 16th, 2015 | by Henri


Fading colors of hot-tub skirting

Q.  I have a hot tub with a skirt made out of a composite wood called Everwood.  It is fading from sun exposure and I would like to know what product to use that can be used on composite wood to restore the color.  I’ve been tempted to try Tung Oil but I’m just not sure.  Thank you.

A. Everwood is a plastic composite made of wood dust and recycled plastic with plastic additives. It is used for skirting and steps for a number of popular brands of hot tubs such as Hot Springs.

The manufacturer of Everwood claims that the product is UV stable and retains its color. It suggests that the fading you experience may be corrected by a light sanding or washing with water. No sealant or other treatment is recommended.

Give it a try, and if these recommendations do not work, you may wish to contact the manufacturer to seek additional information or to file a complaint. Unfortunately, the manufacturer is in India, but you can reach them via email at: sales@everwoodwpc.com, or via their Facebook page, www.facebook.com/EverwoodWpc.

If the hot tub was purchased from a reputable dealer, you should also be able to get good advice from the dealer. You didn’t mention the manufacturer of the hot tub, but most of them have Web sites of their own that include links for questions about maintenance and repairs.

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