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Bird droppings on patio

Q.  What is best way to clean the bird droppings off paver patio bricks? I’ve tried regular dishwashing detergent and Simple Green at full strength, letting rag with cleaner sit on spots for 30 minutes, hosing down…. nothing worked yet.

A.    Since dish detergent and water did not remove the droppings, try the methods below.

Wet the pavers with your garden hose to dislodge as much of the bird droppings as you can and keep them from getting airborne, which could be a health hazard.

Then, using a power washer at mid-pressure, so as not to damage the bricks, remove the rest of the droppings, including the parts embedded in the bricks. That should do it.

But if it does not completely remove all droppings and stains associated with them, mix 12 percent peroxide (which you can buy in pharmacies, some big box stores or online at Amazon) and ammonia in the following proportions: a tablespoon of ammonia to a cup of hydrogen peroxide. Mix as much as you will need.

Apply the solution to the droppings and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes, after which scrub with a fiber brush.

Remember never to mix ammonia and bleach, as the combination is very dangerous.

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