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Soot at bottom of gas furnace

Q.  Is there anything I can do to prevent the buildup of soot and residue at the bottom of my gas hot water heater and gas furnace? The chimney pipes that feed them both keep depositing the stuff at the bottom and I just keep vacuuming it up. Both units are original over 20 years old. Nothing major to replace aside for a couple of thermocouple pilot starters and circulating pump on the furnace. Should I even be concerned about the buildup of residue or can I prevent this from occurring?

A.    Was the flue venting an oil-fired furnace and water heater before? If this is the case, the gas appliances’ gases are probably causing the oil residue to dislodge. You may want to have a chimneysweep check the chimney and clean it, if it needs it.

If it is found to be clean, you should have a competent gas technician check your appliances; they may need some adjustment of the air mixture.
Consider having your gas appliances serviced every year for safe operation, which is recommended by the AGA (American Gas Association).

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