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Paint smells bad

Q.   Back in January 2015, I purchased gallons of Harmony eggshell paint from the local Sherwin Williams store. The painter wasn’t able to do the room until early November so I took the 2 cans back to SW to have them shake it up again.

Since the room was finished, the odor has been so bad that, even with the window open since then (thank goodness for mild weather this fall) and I have used many “odor-removal” products to no avail. Last week I purchased two gallons of Benjamin Moore Regal paint, flat finish, to paint over the original SW, hoping it would cover the odor. It did not and, once again, I have the window open and the door closed to the room.

This afternoon I took the two cans of SW Harmony back to the store to see what they recommended I do. The one salesperson could smell the paint but said he didn’t know what could be done. He took down the batch number and said he will call the factory on Monday. In the meantime, what can I do?

Someone in the paint section of Lowe’s told me to use B-I-N to seal the odor and then repaint, again. Would you let me know if this will work or tell me what I can do? I want to be able to use this room again.

A.    Acrylic paints can go bad after a while, although that is more common with the darker hues.

You best bet now is to follow the advice of the person in the Lowe’s paint department. B-I-N is not only a stain sealer but also an odor sealer.

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